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A Guided Tour by a bilingual curator(s) of the permanent exhibition at Tokyo National Museum (TNM) for up to 30 people starting at 6:15 pm on Friday, 19th May, 2017 Guests of the HCJ members are welcome!



Fee : Yen 1,000 (regular fee + donation) per person to be paid in cash at the venue.  Please bring EXACT amount in 1000-yen note only.  No receipt will be issued.


Meet at 6:15 pm sharp at the Main gate plaza of the TNM (In front of the ticket agency)
MAP : http://www.tnm.jp/modules/r_free_page/index.php?id=113


The 24 exhibition rooms in Honkan (Main Building - Japanese Gallery) in TNM provide a thorough introduction into Japanese art: "Highlights of Japanese Art".


On the first floor introduces ceramics, swords, lacquerwares, sculptures, modern decorative arts as well as the material culture of Ainu and Ryukyu.

Also on the second floor introduces the development of Japanese art from Jomon through to the Edo period in a chronological manner.
There is also the special display which introduces national treasures.  The contents of the permanent exhibition may change from time to time.

Contact :  Tetsuji Shibayama

Email : tshibayama@ag-h.net

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For registration, please email info@ag-h.net with your name, Harvard class, telephone number, etc.