Britain’s new prime minister: how did we get here, what should we expect?  (Online)


Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies, Temple University, Japan Campus, has kindly invited us to a talk on the latest of UK leadership choice by Professor Tina Burrett of Sohipa University. 


Date & Time: Thursday, September 08, 2022 7:30 PM JST



On 5 September, Britain will announce its new prime minister. After a bitter Conservative leadership battle, and with the UK facing rampant inflation, rising poverty, clamours for Scottish independence and increasing acrimonious relations with the EU, what can we expect from the new PM? Do they have the mettle to tackle the UK’s myriad of problems? What will be the impact of Boris Johnson’s legacy of populism and mendacity for his successor? This talk will analyse where Britain’s broken politics goes from here.

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Tina Burrett (PhD, Cambridge University)

Associate Professor of Political Science at Sophia University Tokyo and a Visiting Fellow at Cambridge University.

She is author of the forthcoming book Prime Ministerial Leadership in Britain and Japan (Routledge 2023). She has previously worked in the British, Japanese and European Parliaments. She is also an ICAS Adjunct Fellow.