Japan's Reform: Discussions by Harvard alums about the upcoming House of Councilors Election



Ms. Yumiko Murakami, a member of Headquarters for Achieving New Capitalism, Mr. Ichiro Asahina, the CEO of a renowned political think tank, Ms. Jun Mukoyama and Ms. Motoko Mizuno, candidates of the House of Councilors election, will discuss important topics for the election to reform Japanese politics and economy for future growth.


Ms. Sayuri Daimon, Nieman Fellow in 2001 will moderate the discussion. 


This event is co-hosted by both HBS Club of Japan and Harvard Club of Japan.


Please note that we do not endorse specific candidates for the upcoming election, but would lkie to provide an occasion to discuss the necessary reformation in Japanese politics and economy.



- Ms. Yumiko Murakami: General Partner, MPower Partners (HBS MBA 1994)

- Mr. Ichiro Asahina: CEO, Aoyama Shachu Corporation (HKS MPA 2002)

- Ms. Jun Mukoyama: Fellow, Asia Pacific Initiative (HKS MPA 2019)

- Ms. Motoko Mizuno: Councilor, JAXA



- Ms. Sayuri Daimon: Journalist (Nieman Fellow 2001)


Event Date:

Wednesday, June 15th, 2022 at 21:00-22:00


Registration: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_vM8Bc7qgTZC6k6Qob2LFMQ

(prior registration is required)


This event will be held in Japanese.