Harvard Club of Japan is fortunate to have as board members two healthcare professionals who have kindly offered some suggestions of reliable information sources in these confusing times.


Public health expert Professor Eiji Yano is a graduate of the Harvard School of Public Health and was the key figure in the founding of, and the first dean of, a new school of public health established at Teikyo University in collaboration with HSPH. 

Kyorin University Medical School Professor of Ophthalmology Annabelle Okada is a graduate of Harvard Medical School and in addition to her many roles is now in charge of her department's coronavirus countermeasures.


In recent correspondence with HCJ, Yano-sensei and Okada-sensei suggested the following sites as useful sources of information on the coronavirus challenge:


Corona in the world:



Corona in Japan:



Popular Illustration about COVID-19 by a physician (in Japanese):



For country counts and country-by-country info:



For Tokyo counts (in Japanese):



A good video showing micro droplets and the importance of ventilation:



A good video showing epidemic simulation modeling and why various strategies work. It is 23 min but excellent:



The professors are especially busy amidst this public health crisis, but they have kindly offered to give their perspective on a few topics or questions asked by our members.


Please mail any queries to board member Carl Kay at: carl@tokyoway.jp

Stay home and stay safe everyone!