LGBT:Aspirincover-6okp0hhctynlz7vqhiynqnxwqmwcx0xag to True Diversity・・・!

“ For LGBT, planning your life for the next 20 years or envisioning your life style after retirement doesn’t come very easy in the current environment. Wouldn’t it be great if we can openly discuss and exchange opinions on how we can build a brighter future for LGBT? Let’s take a step forward, together! “ (Excerpt from Good Aging Yells HP)

Good Aging Yells is a certified NPO founded in 2010 by GON MATSUNAKA. GON-san currently works at DENTSU and is actively involved in establishing Diversity Ordinance at Shibuya Ward and working for national level legislation.

GON-san will share his experience, challenges and his vision for Good Aging Yells, followed by a casual Q&A session. Looking forward to seeing many of you!

Language: Japanese. There will be several volunteers who can assist with English/Japanese interpretation.

♦ Date/Time:MARCH 15 (W), 2017 7:15PM~8:45PM

♦ Venue:Venture Republic

〒106-0031 Minato-ku, Nishi Azabu 4-3-11 IZUMI Nishi Azabu Bldg

♦ Fee:1,000 yen (via PEATIX)

See you all on March 15th!

HBS Club of Japan

Kay Deguchi (MBA 1995) / Kei Shibata (MBA 2000)