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Global Citizens Initiative is now accepting applications and nominations for the Global Citizens Youth Summit (GCYS) 2017! 

GCYS, a nine-day program which explores global issues through the lenses of engagement, ethics, excellence and leadership, is hosted in and around the Harvard University campuses in Cambridge, MA, USA and works in close collaboration with Phillips Exeter Academy faculty. Copy

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The GCI is looking for students with global leadership potential who want to make a positive difference in the world, and it would be wonderful to have students from Japan who share in this vision. Its program is designed to unlock each student’s full potential and equip them with the skills, resources and mindset necessary to become effective global leaders. Each year, the organization gathers a select group of twenty-eight high-achieving students, ages 16 to 19, from all corners of the globe to attend GCYS, which includes a nine-month mentorship program where Scholars devise and implement a sustainable social enterprise as well as membership into our lifelong community of global citizens and leaders. This summer, it will host its fourth annual GCYS from July 28th through August 5th, 2017.

Global Citizens Youth Summit(GCYS)は米国・ハーバード大学教授クラブにて開催されるプログラムです。国際的に活躍する優秀な若者たちが8日間生活を共にしながら、現代社会における「グローバル・シティズン」とは何かについて考えを深め合います。未来を担う若者がこれからのグローバル社会で活躍するためのアイディアを育むことを目標にしています。財政援助は、必要に応じて、限定的に利用可能です。 出席費用を援助する必要がある場合は、財政援助を申請することをお勧めします。日本語の詳細については、次のリンクを参照してください。

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Global Citizens Initiative, Inc. (GCI), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational enterprise located in Greenwich, CT, empowers young global citizens from all sectors of society to be lifelong leaders of positive change.  Founded by Ms. Yumi Kuwana, GCI envisions a global community where individuals embrace their unique colorful stories and cultures as they design and implement solutions to global issues that transcend social, economic and political boundaries.  GCI’s program for high school students incorporates the student-centric discussion-based pedagogy developed at Phillips Exeter Academy, the Design Thinking framework, and guidance from thought leaders in the fields of social impact and leadership. Throughout the past three years, we have engaged 76 Scholars from 35 schools in 32 countries and counting.

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