Aikido Afternoon (Bilingual, Beginners OK!) with Master Teacher July 28th near Tamachi Station



Join the Tokyo Ivy+ community for an afternoon of Aikido with a master of the art!


Aikido is a Japanese martial art founded in mid-1930s from ancient Samurai self-defense techniques into what is now often called the Way of Harmonious Spirit. It is unique among martial arts in that it emphasizes cooperation over conflict and can be practiced by men and women of all ages and sizes. Graceful and dynamic at the same time, Aikido needs to be experienced to be believed and this is your chance to see and maybe feel--it for yourself! Join us July 28 for an exciting afternoon with one of Japan's top masters.


By popular demand following February’s entertaining event the clubs are again privileged to be hosting Susumi Chino Shihan, head of the Yoshinkan Aikido Hombu Dojo. An 8th degree black belt, Chino-sensei is a true master of the art, having served as a live-in student under the famous aikido grandmaster Gozo Shioda for over ten years. He is well known throughout the aikido world for his powerful controlled style and will be sure to put on an amazing performance.  


Chino-sensei will be assisted by the bilingual team from Roppongi Yoshinkan Aikido who will give participants and opportunity to try and experience the art for themselves. Participation is entirely voluntary and completely safe (Aikido techniques are designed to be painless). This is your chance to see what true harmony is all about!




28th July 2013


13:00 to 15:00 PM


First time adults: 3,000 yen

Second time adults: 2,000 yen

Children: 1,000 yen



Minato Sport Center

3-1-19 Shibaura; Minato-ku 108-0023

Tel (03) 3452-4151 / Fax (03) 3452-4920


Yoshinkan Aikido Honbu and Roppongi Yoshinkan Aikido Instructors:

Susumu Chino (8th Degree Black Belt)

TBD Shidoin (4th Degree Black Belt)

Roland Thompson (5th Degree Black Belt)

Michael Stuempel (4th Degree Black Belt)

Saori Watanabe (3rd Degree Black Belt)



Attendees can join wearing casual clothes or sports attire. Jewelry must be removed from hands, wrists, ears, etc before joining to avoid injury to other students.


 Please RSVP by email to Ben Boas, of the Brown Club of Japan at by July 15