cover-ugylmg50h69vhyy37ojaxrhi93pkd09yThursday, July 6: LGBTQ+ youth mentoring program kickoff: FRUITION



The Harvard Club of Japan is pleased to announce that this summer the LGBTQ+ Professionals Organization Fruits in Suits Japan will commence an LGBTQ+ youth mentoring program titled FRUITION.

Coming out in Japan is still quite difficult and rare: Many young people are not exposed to nor meet "out and proud" professionals. Just having someone to talk to can make a huge difference in a young person's outlook and sense of self-worth. Furthering the Fruits in Suits mission of connecting LGBTQ+ people, we hope to bring students and professionals together to support and guide their personal development.

To that end, Fruits in Suits will kick off the program at an event to be held this Thursday, July 6 from 7pm to 10pm at GRID Nagatacho.


We have invited and expect to have many young people join us from the LGBTQ+ circles of major universities in the Tokyo area. We will return to the home of our big supporter GRID for a casual evening of drinks and conversation. This is an informal mixer, so just pop by after work, see old friends and meet new ones, have a drink, and learn more about how you can participate if you'd like to!

For further details, please contact Fruits in Suits Executive Director Loren Fykes: