main_visual2Lunar New Year 春节/春節in Yokohama Chinatown tour and dinner on February 4th (Saturday)

Please join a half-day tour and dinner in Yokohama Chinatown where a series of this year’s Lunar New Year festival events are being taken place. Children are welcome.


At 1400 PM we will meet at the exit of the Chinatown side at Chinatown/Motomachi Station, the terminal of Minato-Mirai Line coming down from Shibuya-Shinjyuku direction as the Toyoko Line.  You need to use an escalator located on the end half of the platform (Direction of Exit 1, 2 and 3).

The place will be very crowded.  We will slowly move in from the Zhao-Yang gate or East Gate to the main street.  We will walk through while browsing alongside shops. 

Then, we will visit the Guan Di Temple and go inside to give prayers to gods (500 yen).   (Note: There may be a long line for this.  Please be patient.) (English)

The second shrine we visit is the Ma Zhu Shrine. (English)

At 16 PM a New Year parade will start at the park where the Ma Zhu Shrine is.

During the tour, we may be able to drop into some shops at your requests.  There are many exotic things sold in Chinatown.

At 18 PM, a casual dinner at Mr. Ma’s Shop (main restaurant).  The cost will be roughly 3000 yen per person depending on the amount of food and drinks.

Registration: Please email to Yukari Fujita at with information below by February 2nd.


Number of participants:

Children’s age, if applicable:

Dinner or not:

Your mobile phone number in case of emergency: