Social Innovation Study Tour in Bali 9/8-13

Tomo Hayakawa, AB ’02, MPP ’08, has kindly invited our members to the following event in Bali.

Did you know that Bali is becoming a hub of social innovation?  From the world-famous Green School to the award-winning social enterprises like Kopernik and Bumi Sehat, Bali attracts and nurtures social entrepreneurs from the around the world.  Combined with the unique local culture and breath-taking nature, the "Island of Gods" is home to a number of innovative ventures today.  

Earth Company, a nonprofit based in Japan and Bali, is organizing a unique five-day experience in the form of a Social Innovation Study Tour this September to experience first-hand these cutting-edge ventures and the eco-minded, socially oriented community that they create.  The social entrepreneurial community in Bali is based on the premises of sustainability and co-existence, while emphasizing organic living and quality of life.  



Please visit the Japanese website


Contact us at in English or Japanese.  


Dates: Depart on Sept 8th at 11am from Narita; Return on Sept 13th at 8:50am at Narita

Location: Bali, Indonesia

Capacity: 20 participants, first come first serve

Registration deadline: July 25th, 2016

Cost: 234,000 yen

Websites: Earth Company ( and HIS (