By signing up for an HCJ event you are claiming to be a documented graduate of a residential Harvard program of at least 3 months duration, or to be affiliated with the university as parent of a current student or grad, a current or former Harvard staff, or a documented current or former Harvard-affiliated researcher. HCJ reserves the right to check HAA’s database to verify your affiliation or, if you are not listed in an HAA database, to require that you produce official Harvard documentation of your affiliation, and HCJ may refuse admission to events and remove your name from our mailing list in cases where membership in the Harvard community cannot be verified. In addition, HCJ reserves the right to exclude from HCJ events, communications and all other activities anyone who 1) misrepresents his/her Harvard affiliation 2) uses access to HCJ activities to promote private business matters in a manner beyond developing individual relationships based on common interest, 3) behaves at Harvard-related activities in Japan in a manner that is rude, offensive or harmful to other members, or 4) behaves in a manner that the Board of Directors of HCJ deems to be detrimental to the interests of HCJ and/or of Harvard University for any other reason not specifically stated above.