Education USA EXPO 2016   

Date and Time: September 10th Saturday 12PM to 16PM (Doors open at 1130PM)

PLACE:  Sola City in front of Ochanomizu Station 

Contact person:  Erie Suzuki at

The event is sponsored byt hte US Embassy in Tokyo. 

It is a college-fair-type event where we alumni sit at a Harvard booth alongside alumni from other universities and answer questions from students. A majority of them will be Japanese high school and junior high students considering applying to the College, but there is usually a good fraction of students already in Japanese colleges or already working who are considering applying to Graduate Schools.

We need volunteers for this event.  Those who are interested in taking part, please contact Erie Suzuki (above).

Information on Harvard College application:

We are also looking for interviewers for college applicants. 

Please contact David Gifford at if you are interested in being an interviewer.